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Spirit Shine lyrics


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     Spirit Shine
    >> Bad Religion
        shed a tear for the criminal, give him something to believe
    light a fire for the miserable, give the darkness some meaning
    closed wounds harbor pestilence, when you lick them from within
    charity has a redolence chastity cannot rescind
    spirit shine, it's a sign
    of a troubled mind (tortured mind)
    spirit shine all the time
    can render you blind
    you can take it all to heart or throw it all away
    you can give until you're dry and sucked of all your gleam
    you can fake another cry and compromise your dream
    cling tight to the parable ? let it dominate your life
    create a God who's infallible ? give your leader some respite
    clouds wounds harbor pestilence ? when you lick them from within
    rosy smiles lose their radience ? when you take it on the chin
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